Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez Replay

Pacquiao wins majority decision but Marquez fans did not accept that since they saw that Marquez put more effort on the fight and hit Pacquiao but if you will see the replay Pacquiao get cramp in the early round from round 3 as you can see Marquez accidentally stepped Pacquiao foot in Round 2 and 3. Most people believe that this fight is even and some thinks Marquez win the fight but if you will watch the reply carefully it is clear that some of the punch of Marquez are landing on Pacquiao's block and I believe that the judge see that and put in even and the 2 other judge consider Pacquiao as the winner since Pacquiao punch are clearly connected. Here is the replay of Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight.