Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pacquiao Vs Clottey :Texas does not test boxers for steroids unless there is probable cause

Watch Pacquiao vs Clottey fight update: According to a spokeswoman for the Texas Combative Sports Program, the state agency that regulates boxing matches, Texas does not test boxers for steroids unless there is probable cause. "As of this date," the spokeswoman said, "the executive director, William Kuntz, finds he has no good cause to order it."

Kuntz was not available for comment, but Clottey, who lost a split decision to Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden in his last fight in June, said he would not request Pacquiao be tested before this fight.

"I don’t want to do that because I respect him so much," Clottey (35-3, 20 KOs) said on a conference call on Thursday. "I don’t think Manny Pacquiao would do that. But if he does, then he’s cheating the sport."

Clottey’s opinion was echoed by his manager, Vinny Scolpino, who said, "We’ll comply by the commission’s rules. If they want to implement further testing, let ’em implement it and we’ll follow it. If Manny is a super-champion, we all hope he’s doing the right thing."

After Pacquiao’s convincing 12th-round TKO of Cotto in November, Mayweather’s camp accused Pacquiao, a former 106-pounder who now fights as a welterweight, of using steroids and demanded he submit to random blood-testing the week of the fight.

Pacquiao, who has never failed a postfight steroid test, refused and for now, what might have been the most lucrative prize fight of all time was put on hold while Pacquiao faces Clottey next month and Mayweather takes on Shane Mosley on May 1.

"Is (Pacquiao-Clottey) a consolation prize? Well, in a way," promoter Bob Arum said. "The fight everyone wanted to see didn’t happen for one reason or another, but who the hell knows? Maybe Joshua beats Manny and Mosley beats Mayweather and then we’re doing a Clottey-Mosley fight. So what? Life goes on. That’s what makes boxing interesting."

Arum said he expects a near-sellout for the fight in an 80,000-seat stadium that will be configured to seat 45,000. "If you believe, as I do, that boxing is a big-time sport, that it isn’t a niche sport or a dying sport, then putting your event in a stadium like this or Yankee Stadium or the new Meadowlands Stadium is a great way to prove it," he said. "It’ll be a great night of boxing. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will be all over the place, there’ll be fireworks, and a terrific main event."

And no steroid testing to spoil the fun.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cotto Advices Pacquiao on the upcoming fight Pacquiao Vs Clottey fight

Pacquiao vs Clottey - Puerto Rican shielder Miguel Cotto gave some language of advice to his sometime foe, pound-for-pound saint Manny Pacquiao, for his upcoming collide against Ghanese Joshua Clottey. "Manny give possess to be really exact because Clottey has a lot of powerfulness and has opportune defense," Cotto told HBO as quoted by The Puerto Rican fought both Pacquiao and Clottey, the headliners of "The Event" which present be held at the Cowboys Bowl in City, Texas on Walking 13. Cotto given his Humanity Inclosure Disposal (WBO) welterweight appellation to Pacquiao conclusion Nov when he misplaced via a 12th spherical discipline blow at the MGM Parcel Garden in Manhattan, New York City stylish June. "It faculty be a uneatable assay," the Puerto Rican intercalary. "I believe the guy who is the somebody precooked and in the unsurpassable work gift win the fight." Pacquiao has already kicked off his activity at the Wildcard Gym in Feeling, Los Angeles, Calif.. Land simulator Freddie Roach told that the seven-division endorse is in a "pretty fortunate shape" at the start of his grooming dwell. Country on June 12 at the President Angular Garden. It module be the prototypal title defence for the victorious Asiatic who has a 28 wins (8 KOs) and 1 no contend. - With reports from and

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pacquiao vs Clottey Update

pacquiao vs clotteyBoxing is all but one month away from Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey stepping into the ring in front of thousands inside the Dallas Cowboy’s new home arena, but more importantly the “PacMan” is one month away from letting his fists do the talking in an effort to quiet the constant criticism by trainers – Floyd Mayweather Sr and Teddy Atlas – and fighters – Floyd Mayweather Jr, Paulie Malignaggi, Kermit Cintron, to name a few – who have linked the Filipino’s best boxer success to the possible use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

But I think they are wrong. Pacman is not like that. As you can see if you are fighting in a heavy ring then you lose some blood you feel too lousy and too weak. You will lose more power. That is why Pacquiao did not agree with that deal. By the way Pacquiao is the Champion here not Floyd Mayweather, Paulie Malignaggi and Teddy Atlas.

If they want to be a number one boxer they need to win against the title holder. Lost in the everyday rumors, accusations and predictions surrounding the sports consensus #1 ranked pound-for-pound superstar, is the fact that Pacquiao’s opponent on March 13th – the tough as nails “Grand Master” Joshua Clottey – is hardly a journeyman looking to get a quick payday and then sit back and watch as Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr – who will have his own problems on May 1st with Shane Mosley – shatter every record within the boxing business come late fall.

Clottey is fighting for his country, it is the same with Pacquiao. They are fighting for there countrys and called the number 1 pound for pound fighter.

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