Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mayweather apologizes for racist tirade.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. took to the Internet again on Friday, this time to apologize for a profanity-filled racist rant against Manny Pacquiao that he recorded on Thursday.

Mayweather continued to mispronounce Pacquiao’s surname, repeatedly referring to him as “Pooch-ee-ow.” But a day after making racist and homophobic comments on uStream, Mayweather offered an apology to those who were offended.

“I do want to apologize for what happened the other night,” Mayweather said. “I want to apologize to everybody. They felt it was a racist comment that came from me. I don’t have a racist bone in my body, you know. I love everybody. Some of my guys are Muslims. Some of my guys are Jews. Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, whites, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing but love in my heart, you know what I’m saying?

“I heard this from a few people. The only thing I want to say is, anybody who was offended by what I said the other day, I apologize as a man. I apologize. Forgive me for saying what I said. I was just having fun. I didn’t really mean it, nothing in a bad way. So let’s stay on this roller coaster ride and keep riding, baby. It’s all love.”

Prior to apologizing, Mayweather embraced two Asian women, who said they were Thai and Chinese. He asked one of them if she spoke Thai and kept asking her to “Speak some Thai.” As he embraced them, he promised them front-row tickets for a fight with Pacquiao. Representatives of each camp twice in the last nine months attempted to make a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, but were unable to finalize a deal.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Avoiding Manny Pacquiao to Preserve Undefeated Record coach Roach said

With Manny Pacquiao agreeing to undergo the blood tests that Floyd Mayweather Jr. wanted, and with Mayweather still refusing to accept the fight, Pacquiao's trainer is left to believe one thing: Mayweather is afraid of losing.

Mayweather's career record is 41-0-0, with 25 knockouts. Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer, thinks the 33-year-old Mayweather is solely concerned about maintaining that perfect record.

"I think he just wants that zero on his record," Roach said on Into the Night With Tony Bruno, according to "As long as he's undefeated he can argue and say he's the best fighter ever, he's as good as Sugar Ray Robinson and so forth, and he can make that argument as long as he doesn't have that loss on his record. I think it's more important for him to stay undefeated than fight the best guy out there."

Pacquiao, despite three losses and two draws in his career, is considered the best fighter on the planet. A matchup of the greatest vs. the undefeated is one for which the boxing world has clamored for more than a year. Unfortunately, it's something that seems destined to never happen.

"It's a shame," Roach said, "and I hope the fight will happen, but I'm worried about that because the only thing that can get [Mayweather] motivated is money, and they offered him 40 million dollars. If that's not enough money I don't know what is."