Saturday, February 26, 2011

Acosta vs Rios Light Weight Championship

Acosta vs Rios Light Weight Championship

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

World Lightweight Championship Acosta vs Rios on February 26

World lightweight champion Miguel Acosta will defend his belt against undefeated Brandon Rios on February 26, 2011.

The special attraction fight on the card will include the return of Notre Dame Champion Mike Lee of Chicago. Lee, trained by Ronnie Shields in Houston, fought at the Palms last year. Lee was a three-time amateur boxing champion at Notre Dame and will box in a four-round, light heavyweight bout. His opponent will be announced at a later date.

"I love boxing, and I am chasing a dream," Lee said.

Acosta, 28-3-2, (22 KOs) of Caracas, Venezuela, is the WBA lightweight champion. He has won 19 fights in a row and for seven years, remains undefeated. Acosta has beaten three undefeated fighters in his last eight bouts.

"I've fought and beaten undefeated fighters like Rios before, said Acosta. "Let's see what he brings to the ring on Feb. 26."


Monday, February 21, 2011

Relentless: Cotto vs Maryorga

With their highly anticipated world championship confrontation less than one month away, boxing fans will get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the training camps and lives of boxing superstars Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga when "Relentless,"

Cotto, the Pride of Puerto Rico, will defend his World Boxing Association (WBA) super welterweight title against two-division world champion Mayorga on Saturday, March 12, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In addition to the fireworks expected in the ring, the event also marks the first time in five years that Hall of Fame promoters Bob Arum and Don King have joined forces for a promotion. Relentless will take a look back at some of the legendary fights that Arum and King have promoted, including flashbacks to the unforgettable Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier battles and footage from Sugar Ray Leonard's controversial split-decision victory over "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler in 1987. and

Cotto, of Caguas, Puerto Rico, has held a world title every year since 2004 and has won 15 of the 17 world championship bouts he has fought. Mayorga, of Managua, Nicaragua, is known for his reckless abandon and fearlessness inside the ring - a style of fighting that has produced 23 knockouts out of his 29 victories and legions of fans.

Cotto and Mayorga have fought a boxing who's who of the last decade, including Manny Pacquiao, Oscar de la Hoya, "Sugar" Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, Vernon Forrest, Cory Spinks, Fernando Vargas and Felix Trinidad.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Donaire vs Montiel Fight Live

Congrats to Donaire for the TKO victory against Montiel.

Here is the highlights yesterday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Montiel: No Mercy On Feb 19

Here is the conference call with Fernando Montiel in his upcoming fight against Nonito Donaire.

BOB ARUM: Fernando Montiel is one of the most popular fighters in Mexico and someone I have enjoyed watching boxed over the years. He is also very popular in the LA area, having boxed numerous times thee. He is a terrific young man, a great champion and we're very proud to be promoting him on this card. One of the great warriors, Fernando Montiel.

FERNANDO MONTIEL: We had a real good camp and just did a 12-round test that we passed with flying colors. I feel really well and the hardest part of training is done. Now we are just working on our speed and getting ready for this big fight and I can't wait for it to happen.

How significant was it for him to go to Japan and win that title?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: I always believed that I was that level type of fighter. One of the elite fighters, but I never had the opportunity to fight one of those type fighters...that opportunity was there and I took it. I showed the level that I was at. It was one of those wins that puts you at another level.

Would a win here put him on another level - a win against 2 elite fighters back-to-back?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: When the name came up. Mazawa, and I beat him the fight against Donaire became very real. Before that there were some doubts about whether I could get that fight which for me is great. I do want these kinds of fights, I do want to be known and I do want to be the best.

You were on HBO once and what do you think took so long to get back?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: That first fight against Gonzalez I think was a question of styles. We just couldn't get together. His style and my style could never match that night. It was a difficult fight for both of us and we each wanted to show something and it wasn't possible. After the fight I heard the criticism and thought I needed to do something about it and I did. I changed my style and became more aggressive. I wanted to give people a better show - a better fight. I think I have done that. My style is better and it has shown in my fights. Now I get another opportunity on HBO and I'm not going to mess it up - I'm going to do real well.

How will your friendship with Donaire impact the fight?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: Outside of the ring we are friendly and are going to be friends. We have a lot of respect for each other. But inside the ring everything changes. We are very competitive. We both want to win. We both want to do our best. No mercy. You go in to win the fight and forget about everything else. When the fight is over you become friends again.

FERNANDO MONTIEL: He did impress me. He looked really great against Sydorenko but I'm not Sydorenko. Sydorenko just stood there in front of him and I think you have to take that into consideration too. I am not going to be standing in front of him. I'm going to be moving around and I'll be doing my job too. I thin our styles match real well and it's going to be a good fight.

What will you bring that maybe Nonito has not seen before?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: He is obviously a fighter that has a lot of speed. He moves around the ring and is an intelligent fighter. The question to me is what is going to happen when he fights a guy that is just as intelligent, just as strong and just as good as he is. That is the question - when he fights someone that is equal to him. I think it's the first time he will find a fighter that is just as good as he is.

Does he hear if he is the underdog?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: The people that come up to me are just like you guys. They think it is a very tough fight and it's up for grabs. Either guy can win and a lot of people think I can lose this fight and I'm the underdog. But to me that's not a problem. I believe I'm going to win this fight and that's what I'm going to do.

Do you see a strategic fight or a fight ending in one punch?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: You have to fight smart but I am here to entertain too. I want people to go in there and say that is a fight that they will remember for a long time. If we need to break into a war, let's do a war if that's what needs to be done. But it is certainly not going to be a boring fight.

Is he willing to take a risk? Unlike the Bradley Alexander fight?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: For sure I am ready to risk getting knocked down and getting back up and knocking him down and him getting back up. I want it to be a great fight so everybody can remember so maybe we cannot do only one but maybe 2 or 3.

What are you most worried about in this fight?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: I think I have the experience to do anything up in the ring. One thing is his speed but we have worked hard in training camp to nullify that speed. I think we've done that and we'll be ready for it.

Are you worried that you haven't fought many rounds - you've been knocking people out lately?

FERNANDO MONTIEL: to me that is not important. I train to fight 12 rounds. I am in the gym the whole time working to get ready for a fight. I know I have the power to knock a guy out in the 1st, 2nd or even the 12th round. It just depends on the opponent and how hard you need to do it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Watch Donaire vs Montiel

The fight of Nonito Donaire vs Fernando Montiel is on the way and it will happen on February 19, 2011. Montiel will defend his WBC, WBO Bantamweight Championship belt against the Nonito Donaire.

Here is the interview to Nonito Donaire.
NONITO DONAIRE: In the last fight with Sydorenko I felt stronger and faster. Mainly in the last two weeks I'm cutting down, actually three weeks I am focusing on cutting down but this time we are focusing on strategic moves and not having to worry about the weight too much. Like Manny Pacquiao going up in weight - he feels very comfortable. I feel strong. I look bigger and the speed is still there.

I was 10-years-old when I moved to the United States.

Do you feel you should have moved to bantamweight a few fights ago because you looked so strong?

NONITO DONAIRE: It was a learning experience on my part, being a man of my word waiting for the rematch with Darchinyan. I stayed around quite a bit. I learned that I don't have time to wait for one guy; there are plenty of fighters out there. That's what I should focus on. I am trying to seize these moments, like this fight with Montiel. I need to make things happen and not wait around.

Is your goal to go to higher weight classes to keep winning titles?

NONITO DONAIRE: I think so. For me it keeps me going and keeps me motivated. It keeps me hungry to fight better opposition. I am mentally prepared because of it. Right now I am not even touching the weights and I am blowing up to 135 if I don't take care of myself for even just a few days. I think I can fight as heavy as 130 or 135 because of how much bigger I have become.

How much does Manny inspire you?

NONITO DONAIRE: He is definitely an inspiration in my career. In inspiration in boxing and how I want to be. I am inspired to see no impossibility. To get to 130 or even more. To keep going. That's what he wants me to do, keep moving my feet to see how far I can go.

Does the weight and experience give him an advantage?

NONITO DONAIRE: It does give him advantage. He knows the ring well. His advantage is height and speed. I think I am more of a better strategist than Montiel is. Everybody has their flaws and strengths and Montiel's strength is experience but I also have my strengths. His other strength is his ability to adapt to styles - he can be versatile. He has a tremendous punch - a good body punch. But in terms of strength - I have it. In terms of experience - he does, but I have fought enough guys to say I do also. He has a good punch, but I also have that.

How have you improved your strength at the higher weight?

NONITO DONAIRE: I am naturally strong and naturally fast. I get in tremendous shape. I have a guy that strengthens my legs and a guy that strengthens my core. People making sure I and eating the right foods and Victor Conte and the main guy behind me is Robert Garcia. I have different aspects of healing my body and strengthening my body and that's how I know I am 200% ready for the fight.