Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Watch Donaire vs Montiel

The fight of Nonito Donaire vs Fernando Montiel is on the way and it will happen on February 19, 2011. Montiel will defend his WBC, WBO Bantamweight Championship belt against the Nonito Donaire.

Here is the interview to Nonito Donaire.
NONITO DONAIRE: In the last fight with Sydorenko I felt stronger and faster. Mainly in the last two weeks I'm cutting down, actually three weeks I am focusing on cutting down but this time we are focusing on strategic moves and not having to worry about the weight too much. Like Manny Pacquiao going up in weight - he feels very comfortable. I feel strong. I look bigger and the speed is still there.

I was 10-years-old when I moved to the United States.

Do you feel you should have moved to bantamweight a few fights ago because you looked so strong?

NONITO DONAIRE: It was a learning experience on my part, being a man of my word waiting for the rematch with Darchinyan. I stayed around quite a bit. I learned that I don't have time to wait for one guy; there are plenty of fighters out there. That's what I should focus on. I am trying to seize these moments, like this fight with Montiel. I need to make things happen and not wait around.

Is your goal to go to higher weight classes to keep winning titles?

NONITO DONAIRE: I think so. For me it keeps me going and keeps me motivated. It keeps me hungry to fight better opposition. I am mentally prepared because of it. Right now I am not even touching the weights and I am blowing up to 135 if I don't take care of myself for even just a few days. I think I can fight as heavy as 130 or 135 because of how much bigger I have become.

How much does Manny inspire you?

NONITO DONAIRE: He is definitely an inspiration in my career. In inspiration in boxing and how I want to be. I am inspired to see no impossibility. To get to 130 or even more. To keep going. That's what he wants me to do, keep moving my feet to see how far I can go.

Does the weight and experience give him an advantage?

NONITO DONAIRE: It does give him advantage. He knows the ring well. His advantage is height and speed. I think I am more of a better strategist than Montiel is. Everybody has their flaws and strengths and Montiel's strength is experience but I also have my strengths. His other strength is his ability to adapt to styles - he can be versatile. He has a tremendous punch - a good body punch. But in terms of strength - I have it. In terms of experience - he does, but I have fought enough guys to say I do also. He has a good punch, but I also have that.

How have you improved your strength at the higher weight?

NONITO DONAIRE: I am naturally strong and naturally fast. I get in tremendous shape. I have a guy that strengthens my legs and a guy that strengthens my core. People making sure I and eating the right foods and Victor Conte and the main guy behind me is Robert Garcia. I have different aspects of healing my body and strengthening my body and that's how I know I am 200% ready for the fight.